Conveyor Control Systems

Bramco has a wide number of installations worldwide, for electronic conveyor control, monitoring  and communication solutions.  
Our systems are well proven in environments with: 

  • Extreme heat (over +50degC) 
  • Extreme cold (sub zero -40degC) 
  • Extreme lightening (providing advanced lightening protection and suppression components)
  • Extreme moisture (our units are IP66 rated and designed to withstand extreme waterIP66)
  • Over extended distances, where one control system manages over 30klms of conveyors.
  • Target availability (operating times) of 98%. 

They cover, simple, low cost and totally reliable packages, through to highly sophisticated micro  controlled systems, engaging latest LCD touch screen controls, that feed operating information  remotely through to control rooms, your desk top or wherever is needed. Key components we have designed and produce include: 

  • Conveyor stop, stop, sequencing 
  • Emergency safety trip switches 
  • Communications 
  • Advanced performance monitoring 
  • Pre-start Warning 
  • Dual operating modes, ensuring no down time 
  • Remote isolation
  • Temperature compensation units which avoid nuisance tripping as temperatures fluctuate

Automated Control System

Bramco is proud to announce the recent completion of our CCMS Signal Line Conveyor Control and Management System on several overland conveyors in central Queensland. The CCMS signal line was selected as a safety monitoring system for these conveyors which ranged in length from 1.5km (4950 feet) to 21km (69,300 feet). Bramco is the only company with the ability to control systems over 25km in length from one system and one location. We provide multiple stop start controls and the HOW, WHEN, WHERE & WHY the conveyor is tripped. We currently have a wide number of integrated solutions available, all of which may be customised to suit your needs and your budget.

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Remote Diagnostics

The Bramco Group’s ICMS Diagnostic Card has been created to aid in diagnosing ICMS Brambus based systems.This is achieved by providing tools to search for and poll all network bugs, regardless of network configuration (it does not matter if the EOL is not connected). Detailed search result, bug status and bug 1/0 information is also available.

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Remote Isolation

The ultimate in conveyor signal line control. Our CCMS provides a fully integrated operating package including stop start control, emergency stop control, continuous monitoring of over 300 trip/stop locations each with over 15 digital and/or analogue trip points per location, monitored Pre Start Warning for the full length of the system, broadcast Voice warning and update Communication along the full length of the system, system status Voice Synthesiser broadcast along the system and instigation of Remote Isolation of ALL motive power from the drive system with isolated confirmation indication to the requestor. CCMS is remotely controlled, offers unlimited monitoring and performance reports and can be interrogated remotely. The system can operate over unlimited conveyor lengths (currently operating over 40,000 metres from one controller), covers any sequencing needs, has a maximum output control voltage of just 28Volt DC and requires either a 4 core or 6 core cable depending on customer requirements. We provide as part of this fully integrated package our Pullkey emergency trip switches, amplifier units in addition to prestart alarms and other accessories. This also works with our unique temperature compensation units, which eradicate nuisance tripping due to temperature fluctuations.

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Voice Communication

With multiple models (variants) available, the BA200 Communication Amplifier System provides flexibility and operation over large conveyor structure distances. Stand alone or used in conjunction with our conveyor or Longwall Management Systems, BA200 is an advanced three-wire voice communication system that interfaces with tone dialling PABX extensions and is used with a common 6 core Brambus lanyard system.

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BK400 Safety Trip Switches

The BK400 Conveyor safety trip switch provides pull wire protection on conveyors. It provides industry leading features, such as durability, strength and can be mounted at 200metre centres along conveyor structures. BK400 is available in two models. The BK400S – single shafted key, which operates in a balanced pullwire configuration and the BK400D dual shafted key, where the two pullwires operate mechanically independent of one another. BK400 may be located on one side of the conveyor and configured to provide pull wire protection to both sides of the conveyor. BK400 complies with (amongst others) AS1755, AS4024 and AS62061.

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ATT - Avoid Temperature Tripping

An unique, industry leading initiative, which controls a conveyor systems emergency trip wire, ensuring it is ready to perform at all times by keeping it taut regardless of temperature, eradicating nuisance tripping and drastically minimising system maintenance needs.

Temperature compensation is necessary where variations in temperature will cause the length of the pull wire to vary. This we achieve by supplying a Tension Assembly to accept the extensions of the wire and the distribution back into the system when movement occurs. The Tension Assembly continually maintains a constant tension on the emergency trip wires.

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